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by Mark ~ April 4th, 2008. Filed under: Generalities.

While browsing my personal RSS feeds at lunch I happened upon a Google Blog Search result where the author was exploring how to choose the correct signal chain for your effects pedals. I wouldn’t have found this blog otherwise, as my searches lean towards gear and tube-based gear in particular.

The blog, “Guitar Boomer” is a great collection of posts with the common theme of learning guitar post-50 for the baby-boomers amongst us that are looking for a new mid-life hobby (I’m always on the lookout for a new hobby). A couple of examples: guitar as a midlife hobby and why it’s no harder for a 50+ to learn than a 15 year old.

I decided to pick up guitar again when I was looking at my 50th birthday coming along… Tube Amplifiers became a distraction that has kept me from truly applying myself to the guitar… This blog is inspiring and gives me hope that all is not lost, if only there wasn’t another amplifier project on the bench…

TASCAM CD-GT1mkII Guitar TrainerI couldn’t resist and just finished reading through the entire blog. One piece of equipment that he recommends repeatedly is a Tascam Guitar Trainer, which sounds like something I need… turns out that Musician’s Friend is clearing out of the CD-GT1mkII model now that the GT2 is on sale: Musician’s Friend Clearance Center

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