Glen Kuykendall — Fender "Heavy Relic ‘57 Strat" and Trainwreck Express

by Mark ~ May 12th, 2008. Filed under: Amplifiers.

Ken Fisher gave us the Trainwreck(TM) amplifier legacy and his Express amp is what the “Expression” Kit is inspired by.  But what does a Trainwreck Express sound like?

On the occasion of what would have been Ken Fisher’s 63rd birthday (May 12, 2008), Geetarpicker (Glen Kuykendall) has released a new YouTube video that features his original Trainwreck and a newly acquired Strat… (maybe I’ve scooped Stratoblogster with this one!)

This is an awesome example of what can be done with the Express. A couple of things to note: tone-wise, everything is accomplished with just the volume knob on the guitar, and Glen is playing with heavy looking earplugs installed! These amps are loud!

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Glen has put together an album of tracks, including this one, all recorded using his Trainwreck. It is available at a very reasonable price on eBay:

Glen Kuykendall CD featuringTrainwreck Recordings

12 Responses to Glen Kuykendall — Fender "Heavy Relic ‘57 Strat" and Trainwreck Express

  1. Stratoblogster

    Whoa! Great player, great Strat and a taste of legendary Trainwreck!


  2. Zombiewoof

    Yes, Glen has impeccable tone and thanks, in large part, to the Trainwreck. However, players as good as Glen are guys that can usually take something like the, Wal-Mart, Johnny Rocco, Balsa Wood, Strum-and-Rock, all-in-one guitar kit and make it rock. Glen has complete command of attack on the fretboard. Sounds schweet…

  3. noel

    Tone sounds just as strangled as Satriani’s but less gain, 0 note bloom, brittle highs, organic sound of tubes is overfiltered & gone.

    Perfect country rock amp, not good for much else, still, it has
    it’s place in the music industry what with all the cookie cutter
    artists out there.

    just my opinion, (IYOM) ymmv.

    PS, don’t shoot the messenger K?

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