DIY Guitar Effects Pedals: Get your hands dirty!

by Mark ~ August 8th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.

When I happened to discover the blues backing tracks from it occurred to me that there may be some e-books on ClickBank relevant to the guitar electronics hobby.  In fact, I found very few… a couple of books on building your own guitar (presumably including the electronic wiring) and what looks to be a very good series of three DIY effect pedal books.

It was this latter series that was an exciting find for me for several reasons:

  • They are written by Brian Wampler of and, a well-known participant in the DIY community
  • They promise to span the need of beginner through advanced builders and even address modification of standard pedal products
  • Low-voltage guitar effects pedals provide an alternative way to chase guitar tone for those DIY-ers that want to avoid the dangers of tube-amp construction projects
  • I often find ‘build your own guitar’ books on the shelves of my local bookstore but I have yet to find guitar related electronics books there (though there are a few in publication)
  • E-Books can provide instant gratification via download

There are several other resources that you may want to check out if you think you would like to get involved in DIY guitar effects pedals.  I’m a big fan of community forums on the Internet and two stand-out examples of effects forums are DIY Stompboxes and Free Stompboxes (you have to register on these sites to get to the good stuff).

So, if you think you’d like to get involved in DIY tone generation, check out Brian Wampler’s DIY Guitar Effect Pedal Books

17 Responses to DIY Guitar Effects Pedals: Get your hands dirty!

  1. aron


    Thanks for mentioning!!!!!

    I appreciate it!


  2. Mark

    You’re quite welcome, Aron. I appreciate your forum! I really believe that internet forums are the best way for people to kick start a new hobby and it takes a lot of dedicated people contributing to keep the forum relevant… DIYSB is one of the best examples.

  3. Piet

    This is a great site! I’m presently designing a diy echo device simulating vintage echo’s. It is based on the fv-1 dsp chip and after reading your code found this site I like very much. Would love to establish contact!


  4. Tim Vincent

    Thanks very much for the information. As you say, it is difficult to find. I have found older valve amp build books by searching through second hand book stores.

  5. Joshua H

    Cool man… for me when it comes to pedals i love any overdrive, I also mix it with other pedals its one of my most used. It also helps me alot with learning diff distortions :P

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