Link Directory

I have installed WP Link Directory by Alec Tang.  This plugin is designed for reciprocal link exchange and easy integration into WordPress.  My first impressions are favourable, mainly because it will let me create a nested set of categories to help organize the links.

I’m not using the reciprocal link exchange features and I’m finding it a bit of a PITA to have to enter a valid email address for the link site… it won’t let me enter the link without it.  I think this plugin may be the first real php coding I tackle… I need to tweek the features a bit and integrate it into the modern theme template I’ve chosen.

A great (potential) benefit of using an interactive tool like link exchange is the ability for the registered users to help build the directory by submitting links for review (hint, hint).

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DIY Guitar Tube-oriented Forum Search

Here’s a special search I’ve created at Google… it searches the DIY Forums that I’ve listed in the sidebar:

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