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by Mark ~ March 28th, 2008. Filed under: Books.

Most of the really great tube/valve books, both theoretical and practical, have passed into the public domain. Excellent scans of these books are available online for free! There are a number of sites… to be captured in the link directory, but one in particular stands out: Technical_Books_Online run by Pete Millett. Mr. Millett has done an incredible job of scanning books and publishing them… not as easy as you might think. An essential reference book for tube amplifiers is the famous Radiotron Designer’s Handbook (4th Edition). This book is available in reprint, CD format and on the web. The link provided is a nice version available for download and well supported by mirror sites.

I still find it difficult to read books on my computer and really want portable access to these tomes! I searched Amazon for e-book reader products and came up with the following:

My main concern is the quality/useability of reading the scanned PDF books about tubes and circuits using these devices… I can imagine that you need to have pretty good pan & zoom controls and I’d like to have native PDF support.

I really want this capability/toy but can’t bring myself to spring for one without trying it on these old books. I’ll be on the lookout for friends that have one to try, but unfortunately, when it comes to stuff like this I’m usually the early adopter amongst my group of friends.

Please post your experiences if you try out one of the scanned tube books on a reader!

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