Ultimate DIY — Make your own vacuum tubes

by Mark ~ April 27th, 2008. Filed under: Generalities.

This is a very entertaining, professional-looking video on making a vacuum tube from scratch.  Created by a French Ham Radio enthusiast… I’m in awe.  A friend asked for a link to this, so I thought I’d post it here as a pleasant diversion.


Fabrication d’une lampe triode
Uploaded by F2FO

6 Responses to Ultimate DIY — Make your own vacuum tubes

  1. Jol

    This video literally brought tears to my eyes. Hands (and techniques) like these are a thing of the past. Genuine, real and authentic—the antithesis of life in a paper-pusher’s cubicle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. yatine

    omg… this guy is a genius….


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