To boldly go - Upgrade to 2.5

by Mark ~ March 30th, 2008. Filed under: Wordpress.

I just got everything working this morning and overnight the good folk at made a new major release available for download… I’m going for it, now or never, before the blog gets established/populated.  Wish this newbie luck!

I think I’ve backed up the database properly (this post excepted)… CYA!

I’m back!  Everything mostly worked.  Made a quick mod to Bad Behaivour to correct a documented issue, turned off the dangerous plugins (e.g. Postie already had issues with database references).  I have my Link Exchange plugin enabled, although some wp-admin files and directories weren’t installed when I re-activated it and the style is completely absent from the pages now.

WP Link Exchange is some core functionality that I want in this site, so I’ll have to delve into it… off to the bookstore to buy a php book!

UPDATE:  I’ve now upgraded to 2.5.1 following the detailed instructions for that.  2.5.1 is great!  Fixes a number of issues I was having with the Image uploading, replacing my hand-edits.

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