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When my day-job dictated that I would need to learn more about the ways & means of internet publishing, including social networking, I decided I would take a autodidactic approach and build a web-server, blog-space, and link directory around one of my (many) hobbies: tube-based guitar amplifiers.

The long-tail of the internet has been incredible for hobbyists, especially in niche areas, where hard-core hobbyists can engage with a large community of like-minded individuals and obtain rare or hard-to-find information, components and other supplies for their projects.

Guitar tube amplifiers is a particularly good example of how a relatively arcane technology can be well supported on the internet by a wealth of information, including scanned books that are in the public domain, archived schematics for almost any amplifier ever built, great ’boutique’ shopping sites, as well as an active, large, diverse, informed and opinionated community of individuals.

A problem, for me, is that this world isn’t well indexed and I’ve sometimes found it difficult to find/re-discover vendors, particular resources and notable forum posts.  The few lists of links I’ve stumbled onto are generally not well categorized and often contain many broken links… So Tube Nexus has a directory of links as one of its primary goals.

Nexus: a connection or link associating two or more people or things.

Ultimately, I hope the directory will become a comprehensive and useful hub (nexus) providing a properly indexed view into the DIY and boutique guitar tube amp world!  -mark.

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