Tube-amp Prototyping Software?

by Mark ~ April 30th, 2008. Filed under: Tools, tube amp electronics.

Peavey recently announced a new product offering… tube-amp modeling from a company that makes tube amps…

ReValver™ MK III

Peavey ReValver™ MK III models 15 of the world’s most popular guitar amplifiers, including models of Peavey 6505®, JSX®, Classic®, ValveKing® and Triple XXX® amps, through an exclusive algorithm that analyzes the interactions of the components on the circuit level, based on the amps’ original schematics. By controlling these amplifier models from the component level, ReValver is able to model every nuance with amazing accuracy. ReValver MK III also features a robust stomp-box and effects section including various types of chorus, distortion, wah, tremolo, compression, limiter, delay, octaver and much more. A new FFT-based convolution reverb allows for very complex and smooth reverbs, including sampled spring reverb.

  • 15 amp models, including Peavey 6505®, JSX®, Classic®, ValveKing® and Triple XXX®
  • 12 Preamplifiers
  • 9 Power Amplifiers
  • 19 Stompboxes
  • 11 Effects
  • More than 150 speaker simulations using real-time convolution and membrane modeling
  • 7 Utility Functions including tuners, analyzer, splitters, and more
  • Fully MIDI mappable
  • Tuner
  • VST, AU compatible
  • ASIO/WDM, CoreAudio
  • Standalone or Plugin

The GUI for the Tweak feature of the ReValver Mk IIIBut what’s most interesting to me is what is implied by the ‘tweak’ features in the Mk III version of the product.  I’m not sure whether you get to change the amplifier topology or if you have to work with fixed versions… but there is some flexibility implied in the choice of preamps/poweramps, etc. and the tube-stage tweaking interface (shown below) looks like it has enough flexibility to prototype a tube amp…  check out the Musician’s Friend product listing:
Peavey ReValver MK III Amp Modeling Software Plug-In

Looks like a fully featured tube simulation that is tweakable

14 Responses to Tube-amp Prototyping Software?

  1. VintageP

    I’ve used a PODxt for awhile and it is a great tool. Although it has great tones I still find that I can’t model what the real thing sounds like. Seems you can tweak pretty much everything in this case. I guess if anyone would know how to model tube amp tone it would be a tube amp company!

  2. Stratoblogster

    Just stopped by to give kudos on this blog! Great resource site!!!

    Keep it up!


    P.S. If you haven’t already read this, you’ll love it:

  3. Mark

    Thanks JP,

    I really enjoy your site too ( and thanks for the write-up you gave me over there!


  4. timoteus

    I often find that valve modeling amps produce a reasonable sound compared to a valve amp but the problems occur when you want the depth of volume change that a valve amp can give. The modeling versions always seem to have a limiter which means they never give the depth of sound you need.

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