Ceriatone Expression DIY Project — Part 3

by Mark ~ May 7th, 2008. Filed under: Amplifiers.

Another great development on the AmpGarage Forum… Ron Worley has compiled a lot of the key reference materials for a Trainwreck Express build into one large document and written a very comprehensive “Builders Guide” around the materials… and very well done, too. You can download the result from this thread: Express Build Guide. You need to register with AmpGarage.com to see and download attachments.

I think that with the addition of Mr. Worley’s document we can assert that the Franscesca Trainwreck Express is the most well documented DIY project on AmpGarage.

The Builder’s Guide talks about using Ceriatone kits and Allynmey chassis and also dwells on the extra effort required to make a DIY Express a faithful clone of the original. I strongly recommend you download the Guide as it will offer much more information then my own scribblings in this series of posts… here I am only trying to capture some of the major steps and document mis-steps that I ran across in particular.

I’m posting this right away to bring it to your attention quickly and in the next post I’ll resume with the construction details of my Express build…

4 Responses to Ceriatone Expression DIY Project — Part 3

  1. Pete

    This sure gives me an appreciation for what’s going on inside my amps! I think I’m going to have to stick to my day job though. There are a lot of nuances involved in putting one of these together and it actually working!

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