Another plugin comes alive!

by Mark ~ March 25th, 2008. Filed under: Wordpress.

UPDATED UPDATE: all was fixed when I used the necessary command-line directives to get .htaccess, etc. working properly in the template-driven SME Server environment.  See: this post.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon… it seems introducing the google analytics changes to the php has broken my permalinks and the link directory contents too.  I’ve gone back to default (ugly) permalink structure and turned off the SEO Friendly mode of the Link Directory plugin too.  It seemed too good to be true…

It was almost trivial to:

  1. sign up for Google Analytics with my existing gmail account
  2. download the Google Analytics plugin from Semiologic and activate it
  3. paste the .js script produced by google into the options panel ‘Google Analytics’ in wp-admin
  4. verify functionality back at the google site

24 hours from now and I’ll know for sure I’m the only one reading this blog!

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