What is a Dumble supposed to sound like?

by Mark ~ April 5th, 2008

Tough question. The real thing is quite rare and most people are not likely to ever play through one. But we do have a number of good references: Continue reading »

What is a TL806 style cabinet, you ask?

by Mark ~ April 5th, 2008

Brian\'s TL806 Cabinets used in testing

Electro-Voice Professional Sound Reinforcement Products used to provide Builder’s Plans for a series of speaker cabinets called the “TL Series Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Systems.”

The TL806 was a small ported cabinet designed specifically for the EVM12L: Continue reading »

A Guitar Blog for Boomers (like me)!

by Mark ~ April 4th, 2008

While browsing my personal RSS feeds at lunch I happened upon a Google Blog Search result where the author was exploring how to choose the correct signal chain for your effects pedals. I wouldn’t have found this blog otherwise, as my searches lean towards gear and tube-based gear in particular. Continue reading »

What is a D-Style Amp, you ask?

by Mark ~ April 3rd, 2008

Read this WikiPedia Entry, come back, and we’ll talk. Continue reading »

Nerdy Tube Amplifier Design Books

by Mark ~ April 2nd, 2008

Hope the title didn’t send you fleeing!

I was first introduced to Pentode Press and Richard Kuehnel when I was searching for some detailed design information on the Fender 5F6-A. Continue reading »

5 D-style Amp Speakers Tested!

by Brian ~ March 31st, 2008

Frequency response tests were conducted on five speakers which are popular for D-style amps. Each speaker was mounted in a TL806 type cabinet and driven by the clean channel of a 50W non-HRM D-clone amp. In order to minimize tone stack effects and approximate a flat response, the amp tone controls were set to Treble-0; Middle -10; Bass-0. All effects were off. Continue reading »

To boldly go - Upgrade to 2.5

by Mark ~ March 30th, 2008

I just got everything working this morning and overnight the good folk at WordPress.org made a new major release available for download… I’m going for it, now or never, before the blog gets established/populated.  Wish this newbie luck! Continue reading »

SME Server and .htaccess

by Mark ~ March 30th, 2008

Sorry for all these off-topic posts… hopefully they’ll get buried in the avalanche of relevant DIY Tube posts to come!  But, there have been several frustrations in getting wordpress and the WP link directory working properly on SME Server with ibays and I want to capture the latest epiphany for all the other poor souls out there. Continue reading »

FREE Vacuum Tube Books on the Internet

by Mark ~ March 28th, 2008

Most of the really great tube/valve books, both theoretical and practical, have passed into the public domain. Excellent scans of these books are available online for free! There are a number of sites… to be captured in the link directory, but one in particular stands out: Continue reading »

Emails can be sent, registrations work!

by Mark ~ March 28th, 2008

After fighting all evening with getting emails to be sent through my ISP I gave up on the Authenticated SMTP and fell back onto the old SMTP server that my ISP still allows for sending… this is an SME Server configuration problem (nothing related to WordPress this time) and I couldn’t locate any relevant support to help resolve the issue.

At least the core functionality is working, but it seems to me a lot of compromises are being made along the way.

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